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Hello, I generally do not leave reviews, but this is an exception. I entered the Broken Arrow location at 3pm on Tuesday11-9, there was no one receiving service, all chairs empty. I made eye contact with one of the stylists and expected at least a greet of some sort, call me old fashioned but acknowledgement is a nice component in the service industry. I began to check in and the person I saw upon entering left the counter and went back and looked like she was cleaning an area for I'm guessing me, but I wasn't sure as she never said anything to me. Typically regardless of who gives me my cut I always leave $20 as a gratuity, I am in service and money honestly is the only way that makes it rewarding. Since there was no dialogue I thought well if I can't even get a hello I'm not going to stay and give someone that tip here. This has always been my preferred place to go. I left but really thought that wasn't fair to not let them know why, so I re-entered and explained why I wasn't going to need service today. I was kind and explained that I generally provide a $20 tip and it was disappointing that I wasn't really recognized as a guest to your business and that was why I wasn't going to stay. The girl I spoke with has been my stylist before and I liked her and I gave her my usual tip. She stated that they are generally really busy and really didn't have an apology or any real answer for my feedback which is fine, but I wanted them to know. I was surprised that it was dismissed and there was no attempt for recovery. I am not looking for anything and I will gladly go somewhere else in the future, but it does seem that maybe some education on incredibly basic hospitality should be taught at this location. I also know that whomever the stylist that was going to be next in line will make less money today. Just say Hi it's not hard. Also if they are so busy why was the location empty. I really don't want anything and really don't want to talk to anyone, if you generally try to attempt recovery from feedback. It's just respectful when you get treated like a human and welcomed as a guest.

5 rating

Love this location

5 rating

Danielle is my go to stylist, store is clean and she is nice

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Daniel W. | November 9, 2021 Overall Experience

"Hello, I generally do not leave reviews, but this is an exception. I entered the Broken Arrow locati"

Ross Q. | February 17, 2019 Overall Experience

"Love this location "

Dan F. | February 17, 2019 Overall Experience

"Danielle is my go to stylist, store is clean and she is nice "

Jerry S. | June 11, 2018 Overall Experience

"Worst experience I have had at this place. I asked for MVP and then asked about a product. After ask"

Jessica E | May 31, 2017 Overall Experience

"I've brought my son to this location for over a year now. Every time we come there are always new fa"